There are two ways to hack Roblox. It can be done online and it can be done offline. Let’s take a look how can we hack Roblox using the online Roblox Robux Generator.

Online Roblox Hack

As the word speeks for it self this tool is cloud based. That means that we are hosting the Roblox hack on our servers, and you can use it from our website, online without having to leave this website. Personally I prefer using this online version of roblox hacks and I will tell you why. The process is really straight forward and much faster than the other version. When you enter your username and hit the button, you get connected with the hack and then the magic of free robux can begin. To be able to use this version of Roblox hack there are almost no requirements. The only thing you need is Roblox username, everything is free to use. And the main advantage for using the online tool is that you don’t have any risks with downloading files, since there is no download required. There is a tool for roblox card codes as well.

Roblox hack offline

The offline version of Roblox hack tool is basically a downloadable software that you need to install on your device in order to be able to use it for hacking your Roblox game. When you download the Roblox hack device files you need to extract them on your device. Once finished you need to connect the Roblox hack tool with your game. You have to be loged in both your Roblox game and the Robux generator at the same time. You might experience slower connection while Roblox hack is hacking your profile for free robux, sometimes the connection even breaks. Always check the files before you download, as there are many roblox hacks with viruses out there.


Well, there you have it. You now know what is the difference between online and offline version of Roblox hack tools. The end result is the same – free robux. The choice is yours, you can use the online Roblox hack tool here on our website, or you can search for offline version which we don’t support.